miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Steve Jobs' impact on Technology

Steve Jobs' life and death had a great impact on the technology that we use on a daily basis.

He invented, created, designed and launched many products that many people use today.
But one important thing that we should not forget, is that whatever he did, he could not have done it without an excellent team of smart professionals around him.


As a technology blogger, I think his biggest hit was the iPod. The iPod was a revolution. No matter what size or version or generation, everyone wanted one.
At the beginning, if you had regular, black earphones, nobody would say anything; big, small, mp3 player, discman, whatever... you were just one more in the crowd.
But if you had white earphones, at school, at the shopping mall or at the beach, people would know for sure that you had an iPod.

One amazing thing is that at the time the first iPod was launched (2001), there were other mp3 players, capable of doing the same things, but they were not marketed properly.


Apple and Steve Jobs, they had one thing in common: MARKETING.
No matter how expensive your product is, if you make it look hot, the people will buy it.
If your product is not that hot, but you make the people think it's hot, they'll buy it.
If your product is not that cool, but you make it look cool, people will buy it because they'd think it's cool.
Once you have a product that the whole world is buying, because they think it's cool, you can sell other products, and the people will buy them becuase they are cool.

That my friends, is Steve Jobs' legacy.

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