miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

He was the co-founder of Apple. A visionary man know for many as the man in the black turtle neck shirt. Considered a genius and a visionary man not only in the technology but in the entertainment industry too as shareholder in Pixar. Steve Jobs.

He was forced to leave Apple in the 90's. From that moment on, the company didn't do well, sales went down and had a very small niche. In the early 2000's he went back to Apple as CEO and begun to make many changes. He was convinced that the best products not only work but are easy to use and look beautiful. That the user experience matters and even the packaging is important.

Being CEO he first product launch success was the first iMac, a computer targeted for the home user that was a success. It integrating the CPU into the monitor and offered them in a range of colors to chose from. He also introduced the PowerMac a computer for high demand tasks, he revamped the laptops introducing the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

The more recently success and the mayor income for Apple comes from a product they weren't used to do, a phone. In 2006 Apple introduced the iPhone now, the best-selling smart phone in the world.

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