jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Today is October 5, 2011 and Steve Jobs died

Some people may consider Steve Jobs as a genius others don't. As a matter of fact I consider the man a genius but probably for very different reasons. I feel deeply related with him most because of his decision to drop out of Reed College rather than whatever people said about his impact on technology was. I also drop out my College career because I felt I was losing my time there and lose my faith on formal education which I believe are similar reasons why Jobs did it.

He wasn't a computer or electronics hacker but he somehow manage to work with a real hacker named Steve Wozniak which was the actual genius behind the early Apple products.
Steve jobs was more like a business genius rather than a technological one.

He certainly had an impact on world's technology but not because for being an inventor or a genius but for being a visionary capable to see the commercial and technological potential of ideas that were considered ridiculous or too crazy at the time. He was the kind of person that make things happen instead of just talking about his dreams and I admired him because of that.

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